Saturday, September 25, 2010

Never too old for...

You would think I'd be getting more organized as I get older. In reality, I'm getting older trying to get more organized.

It used to be pretty easy. Twice a year, I'd take a whole week and dedicate 30 minutes every day to each room of the house. Going room by room, through every item, I'd make decisions. The genius of this method centered about being able to separate the items into one of four piles: 1) Items to keep due to a practical use or sentimental value; 2) Items to keep that required repair; 3) Items to give away to charity;
and 4) Items to throw away. Woosh! Before I knew it, I had a house that looked like it had been redecorated by an efficiency expert.

These days, this organization thing is taxing. It's not the number of cheese graters I own that's getting on my nerves. And I'm not one of those people who trip over piles of National Geographic issues from thirty years ago. Nope, I am just simply snowed under with - paper. During the past 20 years, we have accumulated enough paper work to wallpaper every house on our street and that's the sort of thing you can't divide into four tidy categories.

I have a shredder. Last week I moved it from the office in our house, where it wasn't seeing much action, to right beside the chair where I sit to go through the mail. I show no mercy on the various pieces of paper that make it into our mail box. I only wish I could roll that shredder around the rest of the house, dividing and conquering all four of those piles I mentioned earlier.

And then, onward and upward, also shredding the non-paper items in our house that keep the place off the pages of House and Garden.

And then, come to think of it, there are a couple of people I know...

Until next time, don't act your age.

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