Thursday, September 30, 2010

Never too old for...
feeling sad when a celebrity dies

Right before I turned off the computer to head to bed last night, I learned that 44-year-old comedian Greg Giraldo died yesterday.

Comedy is my favorite way to de-stress from life. I know most all the comedians, going back to the days of George Carlin. Well, I don't mean I know them personally, although there's several I'd love to get together with once in a while. I mean I've watched them for years and know their particular shticks, and a bit of their personal histories. I certainly know which ones I find to be funny, which ones are funny, but dirty, and which ones are a waste of my time.

Greg Giraldo was one of my top 5 favorite funny guys - of all time.

When I learned he had died, I gasped loud enough that my little beagle/dachshund mix, who is permanently attached to my lap, raised his head to see what was going on. I also woke up my husband, who had been asleep before me for about an hour, to tell him as he's also a big Giraldo fan.

Evidently, Giraldo died in a New Jersey hospital where he had been admitted after an accidental prescription drug overdose a few days ago. There will probably be an autopsy to answer several questions. For the record, I do not believe Greg Giraldo would have harmed himself
deliberately. He was hilarious, intelligent, sexy as heck, respected by other comedians, and very successful. He was a Harvard Law School graduate and was loved by a wife and 4 children. That's not normally a life from which escape would be desired.

My husband and I will miss incorporating Greg's sarcastic musings into our everyday conversations. Not that we'll stop; it will just be a bummer to not have new material periodically. We do this cute back and forth frequently, pantomiming Giraldo's little tales and then dissolving into little puddles of laughter.

In a world that seems to value being thin or being intolerant more than being healthy and loving, the gift of laughter is an honorable legacy. It is the gift you left this middle aged couple, Greg, and we thank you. RIP.

~ Until next time, readers, don't act your age! ~

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